Ho'Oponopono Prayer - Healing

This is by far my favourite prayer, set your intention, cleanse and heal through Ho'Oponopono.

You get: 30 min. meditation

8 hours meditation

AND! The latest version 2 in this package!

This meditation will clear you and free you from old energies and attachments.

Whatever feeling that may arise during the prayer, accept it and let the Ho'Oponopono clear it for you.

Music : BlueShades "Enlightenment"

A captivating piece, that supports an uplifting feeling of new beginnings.

Focus and perseverance: Grandfather.

NB! You will also get access to the newest version 2!



Warning: You may experience cleansing symptoms after the healing. It is very important that you drink a lot of water, and care for yourself in the days during and after healing.

Please do not go into meditation whilst driving, or moving in traffic, or working heavy tools and machinery. ;-)

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